Abstract Topics

» Mother and Child Health in Turkey
» Mother Nutrition Habits
» How Should Nutrition Be Done in Pregnancy?
» The Effects of Inadequate and Overfeeding in Pregnancy
» Metabolic and Endocrine Effects of Obesity
» The Effects of Nutrition on Pregnancy for Development of Chronic Diseases
» The Relationship Between Nutrition and Birth Disorders
» Nutrition and Gene Expression
» The Role of Placenta in Fetal Feeding
» Food Intolerance
» Intrauterine Growing, Growth Retardation
» Perinatal Effects of Obesity and Metabolic Syndrome
» Gestational Diabetes and Fetal Effects
» Future Obesity Relation with Gaining Weight in Pregnancy
» Approach to the Nausea Vomiting and Nutritional Disorders in Pregnancy
» Vitamin D on Pregnancy and Childhood
» Iron Supplementation and Anemia in Pregnancy
» The Use of Herbal Medicines in Pregnancy
» Gastrointestinal Development
» The Growth Graphs of WHO and Usage
» Obesity in Childhood
» Obesity Prevention Programs
» Approach of Mothers and Fathers to Obese Children
» Breast Milk and Its Importance
» Formula Feeding
» The Effect of Fetal Nutrition on Cognitive Functions
» Nutritional Allergy in Infants and Children
» The Effect of Perinatal Nutrition on Fetal Bone Development
» The Effect of Perinatal Nutrition on Neonatal Immune System
» Pre and Probiotics
» The Impact of Missing / Overfeeding on Teratogenicity
» The Effects of Mother’s Psychological Situation to the Baby in Pregnancy
» Mother and Baby Microbiota
» Basic Nutrition Facts and Functional Foods
» Iron and Iodine Deficiency
» Pregnancies After Bariatric Surgery
» The Effect of Vitamin and Mineral in Pregnancy
» Long Chain Fatty Acids in Pregnancy
» Mother and Baby Hydration

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